About Us

We - Incredible Travel S.R.L, We are a company of Travel and Tourism Tour Operator, of Peru.

For years we have moved the passion of traveling to know every place in the world, to know the people of each place, to know their culture, their history, their gastronomy, their customs, traditions and more … Discover, to live passionately each of these experiences , is simply “INCREDIBLE“.

We are from Peru, a country full of many experiences and feelings that if you Traveler, you want to feel all your senses in one place, we invite you to know, feel, live all that, in one place in PERU. Where the Incas left us their legacy.


Incredible Travel, is designed, created for you Traveler, so that in only place you receive all the information of an incredible destination, in the easiest, easiest way, with the best options and prices, in everything you need for your trip, the best flights, the best hotels, the best transports, the best tour guides, the best restaurants, the best assistance and more.


"Feel your trip", this is our slogan, with a single purpose that you, when you travel, know a place, not only a simple trip, but also Feel, Live and only in this way you can enjoy your trip, and carry in your mind and heart the most incredible memories and sensations that you can count.


Why Incredible Travel?

Being a human team in search of a single purpose, which is to invite you to know our culture, our country Peru, and also make it a wonderful experience, we decided to put together two words that describe this, Incredible because Peru is a country Incredible and Travel because we invite you to travel, live. This is how Incredible Travel is born.

We are an Agency of Travel and Tourism, Tour Operator, with quality professionals, years of experience in the field of Tourism and above all with a unique feeling, that your traveler lives an unforgettable experience when traveling with Incredible Travel.

It is also important to recognize that the tourism activity in Peru often does not bring benefits to small and large towns, to the planet, we being a Travel and Tourism agency, we are committed to sustainable and sustainable tourism, which will take us together to have a better place and planet …


We are committed to the planet, a better place to live.

What we offer?:


tentticketsboattoastmeditationmap-of-roadsAnd more…
We offer all the services you need to make your trip unique.

The Travel and tourism agencies often choose to hire services from other travel agencies, against this we as a Tour Operator, we carry out the tours directly without intermediaries.

Personalized attention, is a characteristic that distinguishes us from others, any consultation, comment or reservation will be attended immediately by our specialized travel agents that we offer to you, for a better service.

To know, to live an incredible experience, it is very important the quality of attention when you travel arrives at the destination, is attended by an experienced, qualified, responsible person, in the attention to you, which this person is always aware of you 24 hours of the day.

We also offer you the best transport (air tickets, cars, buses, trains, yachts, boats and others), we have the best, so you know and live an incredible experience.

The tour guide, is the person who makes all this happen, of which trip is incredible, we have within our team, the best tour guides, which go through a minus test and qualification of quality of attention to the tourist to you traveler.


The place where you will rest, will be fed and more, each of these places are chosen, based on a quality inspection in service and attention, we are very strict in the quality that will provide you travelers.


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casa andinamarriottdelfin crucerodecameroneco inncruz del sur
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Attention to every detail of your trip.

After describing all the above, we dedicate ourselves to elaborate, tours, with the best options, from those people who only have few days to travel, until those people have many days, each tour is terrified so that each traveler, alive a unique and incredible experience, we assure you.

The confidence will make it from the moment you plan your trip, during your trip and culminate your trip, is an incredible experience.

Being a legally constituted company, recognized by the governmental tourism institutions of Peru (MINCETUR), we can offer you tours, and that you traveler trust us.

We are LEGAL:

ministerio de turismodirceturministerio de culturaperusernanpmunicipalidad cusco


We have our philosophy that encourages us to be the best.




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